Jan Coverstone

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Martial Arts Grand Master

Jan Coverstone has a passion to affect the lives of others in a positive way. Teaching martial arts, preaching, writing and speaking are outlets for his passion. Jan is the Senior Pastor of Columbia City Fellowship Church, with 25 years as a prophetic pastor. He is the author of Spiritual Warfare, Let the Living Waters Flow, and (How You Think Determines) Who You Are. 

Jan writes to share the knowledge and insights he has gained through a lifetime of personal experience and communication from The Father Himself. He writes to help others to have a better life by understanding the power of words and other issues affecting their lives. His books reveal that how you think and how you speak are the two most influential factors in your life. Jan believes that words are such a powerful force that learning to exercise their proper usage is a lifetime endeavor. 

Jan's personal life has been a series of struggles. He encountered many negative words and challenges from early childhood through his 50s without understanding the full impact they had on his brain and life. He has learned that there is hope: we can overcome negative conditioning and grow into the person we are meant to be despite our past.
Thanks to the grace of God, Jan Coverstone is breaking free from the obstacles placed on him that he has battled for a lifetime. He hopes others can gain from his experiences, books and teaching and enjoy a happier, more rewarding life.

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